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Maritime Container Lines is well connected with different continents of the world through our long term business associates.

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As General Agents, Maritime Container Lines FZCO

Web based service differentiator that Seli Overseas Shipping offers to clients, visibility through fully owned IT capability.

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Seli Overseas

Reducing carbon footprint helps to minimize the effects of global climate change,boosts the global economy,and maintains biodiversity.

Seli Overseas Shipping

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Seli Overseas Shipping

About Us

Seli Overseas was founded in February 2018 by a team of seasoned international transportation professionals with over 182 years of combined experience. Our vision is to drive a transformation in the logistics industry, bolstered by our robust IT infrastructure.
Our technology affords true visibility that our customers could benefit with unparalleled agility and efficiency, allowing them to meet their transportation requirements compliant with rules & regulations that are specified by various charters under the United Nations covering all modes of international transport.

Mission Statement

“To provide cost-effective transportation solutions to customers with true visibility supported by fully owned and developed IT capabilities.”

Our Branch Offices


Seli Overseas Shipping

Seli Overseas Shipping LLC.


Seli Overseas Shipping

Seli Oversees Shipping India Pvt.


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Seli Overseas Shipping Mexico S.A .DE C.V.


Seli Overseas Shipping

Seli Overseas Shipping L.L.C,USA.


Seli Overseas Shipping

TTL Services L.L.C.

Associate Partner


Seli Overseas Shipping

Seli Overseas S.A.,France


Freight Forwarding

We offer, all modes of international transport across the globe for imports, exports and cross trades. Via Ocean, Air, Land, Rail Or a combination of multiple modes of transport. We achieve these through effective vendor management through our strong relationships with a foundation of compliance as core value.

The differentiator being the end to end IT enabled visibility through secure user id and password, dedicated to our customers. A bespoke tool that tailors to customer demands based on their industry, location or nature of business.


To meet the demand of transportation services by Ocean in and out of United States of America, Seli Overseas Shipping, through its fully owned subsidiary “Maritime Container Lines FZC (MCL)” achieved its FMC licenses during the year 2021 to operate as OTI (Ocean Transport Intermediary).

With this license and recognition, Seli Overseas Shipping are now fully capable to serve our customers through ‘MCL’ bills of lading.

Customs Brokerage

Need to clear customs fast? Seli Overseas experienced technical experts can serve you efficiently by taking advantage of the latest Customs initiatives and by reviewing your goods to make sure they comply with product-specific custom rules of the land.

Break Bulk & Projects Cargo

At Seli Overseas Shipping, we offer end to end execution of projects and break-bulk cargo.

Our team of specialists develop tailor-made logistics solutions by air, sea and land transport for machinery, industrial equipment, entire plants and construction parts or even loose cargo including oversized and/or overweight.

Range of services includes:

  • Charters (Air & Ocean)
  • Break bulk
  • Land Transportation.
Seli Overseas Shipping

Movement of odd sized cargo - Project Logistics

Seli Overseas Shipping

Cargo movement from Kochi to Utter Pradesh.

Seli Overseas Shipping

Anything other than the normal sized cargo generally goes to the Project Logistics team, but in Seli everything is handled by 1 team.


Dubai Corporate Office

Seli Overseas Shipping L.L.C.

Office # 1202,

Aspin Commercial Tower

Sheikh Zayed Road, Trade Center 1

Dubai, UAE

Tel : +9714 396 8000

Email : info@selishipping.com

Location:Seli Overseas Shipping


Seli Overseas Shipping India Private Limited

Rainbow Building, 2nd floor,

NH Bypass, Edappally,

Kochi, Kerala - 682024

Email : info@selishipping.com

Location:Seli Overseas Shipping


Seli Overseas

Zac De La Garosse,

250 Rue Des Droits De L'Homme,

33240 Saint Andre De Cubzac, France.

Tel : +33 5 24 71 11 00

Fax : + 33 5 24 71 11 29

Email : info@selishipping.com

Location:Seli Overseas Shipping


Seli Overseas Shipping, Mexico, S.A .DE C.V.

Valencia 8, L6, Col Playa azul,

Manzanillo, Colima, CP 28218,


Tel : +52 314 119 4943

Email : info@selishipping.com

Location:Seli Overseas Shipping


Seli Overseas Shipping USA L.L.C

12307 Old Lagrange,Suite 205 Louisville,

KY 40245,

United States of America.

Tel : +175 7 848 8933

Email : info@selishipping.com

Location:Seli Overseas Shipping


TTL Services L.L.C

Quartier Yantala, Rue YN 29,


Email : info@selishipping.com

Location:Seli Overseas Shipping